Aubry was the type of little girl that always felt like everything needed a little more song, a little more pop, a little more color! 

As a kid this predilection for just a little MORE meant she always rocked the fiercest scrunchies, as an adult it has led to an impressive (if somewhat excessive) collection of the bold lipsticks.  Of course, adulthood gave Aubry something more than a 53 shades of perfectly pink lip glosses, it also helped her understand that her inclination to MORE everything was really a manifestation of her need to celebrate the brightest parts of her life and the lives of those around her. Yeah, that leopard print scrunchie from the third grade was proof that Aubry knew early on that life is grand and even its littlest grand pieces deserve a bit of fanfare. 

Hello Maypole was born of Aubry's love of celebrating the everyday. Here at HP, we look at all the extraordinary ordinary moments that fill the day and think, “Huh, those deserve their own parade”. And we know, (scrunchies aside) felt balls are the fastest way to get the festivities started. 

From surviving your three year old’s latest meltdown to decorating your best friend’s reception, we want our beautiful little balls to be the happy backdrop for your everyday wins and once in a lifetime memories. Here’s the thing, at the end of the day all those little moments and all those big moments are going to work together to compose your grand, glorious life. And we think a little more song, a little more pop and a little more color is the respect that kind of vibrant collaboration deserves. 

So let’s put a ball on it, shall we?